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All the training videos are below and there are tools and resources below each video to help you even further. We hope you enjoy the training and start building your own Passive Affiliate Funnel empire today!

Video #1 - What Is A Funnel?

Notes From The Video - Lead people through your funnel by providing value through a series of automated emails. Don't pitch an offer in every email. Clickbank.com can be used to find affiliate offers.  


Squeeze Page - Sometimes also called a Landing Page, this is where you offer something for free, in return for someone entering their email address. There are many ways to create these pages including ClickFunnels or my favourite Leadpages (My Training Videos), WordPress plugins and HTML templates.

This page is created using Leadpages.

Autoresponder - This is the software that collects the email addresses onto a list. It can then be used to send out emails on a regular basis, without you having to manually send them. Just load up the messages one time and the software takes care of the rest. Two of the best options are Aweber and Getresponse.  

Email Sequence - This is the sequence of emails that you load into your autoresponder software. It is highly recommended to provide value emails first before trying to sell/recommend any products.  

Affiliate Offer - This is a product that you recommend to your subscribers. It will be someone else's product that will pay you a commission for every unit you sell. With physical products this will typically be 4%-10% but for digital products can be as high as 75% or even 100% commission from each sale.  

Video #2 - What To Offer

Notes From The Video - Be sure to include affiliate links within your free offer (report, video training etc)  

Video #3 - What You'll Need

Notes From The Video - To create the ultimate passive affiliate funnel, you'll need squeeze page software, an autoresponder and a personal website. Here are the various tools mentioned:

Leadpages (FREE 14 Day Trial) - (My Training Videos)

ClickFunnels (FREE 14 Day Trial) - By far the easiest and fastest way to create your passive affiliate funnels.

Aweber - One of the best autoresponders out there.

Getresponse - Another great autoresponder with potential landing pages to use as your funnel.

Bluehost - Great hosting for WordPress websites.  

Video #4 - The Basic Funnel

Notes From The Video - This is the fastest type of funnel to set up. But it will probably be the least profitable too. Provide as much value in your emails as you can.

Video #5 - The Bridge Funnel

Notes From The Video - This is a better funnel as it introduces you to your visitor. The personal aspect can help to increase trust and get more sales from the products you promote.

Video #6 - The Brand Funnel

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Video #7 - The Brand Funnel On Steroids

Notes From The Video - This is an even better funnel as it introduces you and your website to your visitor. This means you will be able to present more affiliate offers to your visitors and they can connect with you and your brand better.  

Bluehost - Great hosting for your own personal website.

Video #8 - ClickFunnels Sneak Peek

ClickFunnels (FREE 14 Day Trial) - By far the easiest and fastest way to create your passive affiliate funnels.

Leadpages (FREE 14 Day Trial) - This page is created using Leadpages.

(My Training Videos)